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This was the largest canvass Scot Aaron painted from that explosive artistic sprint semester of 1987. [As mentioned previously, Scot spent his budget on oil paints, brushes and canvass leaving him homeless during the last month of the semester. Although difficult to complete term papers and final tests, this period remains a significant stage in his artist developments. Scot will express some thoughts on this oil painting.

Stand in the dawn doorway. Wish and wonder as you point over to a twisted future full of tortured desperation from what is foreseen. Worry, scream and watch zombies on the stained slate describe their Western History. Exasperation and infuriation results from deceptive teachings on so-called civilization. It becomes the white man's plot to rape and abuse precious peoples and lands - both with their precious natural commodities. Propagate twisted lies about good bad sides of wars that feed money hungry propagandists out to satisfy their greed - spreading their self serving disease throughout humanity.

Scan the focused definition of a Shaman on his tree - weaving ladders through unseen dimensions where Grandmother's crop of sunshine will annoy those own claim to own the one and only way to heaven's hidden gate. Yet within an incensed spoon awaits the hung man and fool - each in their place - each ready to reverse the so-called gate.

Classify, characterize and design one eye for an eye until the antagonistic game chooses to change to rules. Enough is enough for any common sense human being to read and judge the evil of avid greed. The rich squeeze into seven heads from the prophesied beast- ready to experience reflections of their own disease - to be wiped from the face of Earth just like a bad dream disappears after the sun rises inside combined minds.

Yes let fury and rage show the true purpose for her face.

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