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Prior Art Styles

After art classes in High School, Scot temporarily put fine art aside to focus on poetry and creative writing. Call it serendipity or destiny, Scot soon gravitated towards experimenting with art. Here we will look at prior art and show various art styles that lead Scot Aaron to poArt Expressionism. Early oil paintings lead to expressionistic, Zen like abstract expressionism, to the abstract "Left hand Rites."

At 20 Scot went to Colorado after independently backpacking Asia [basically Thailand and China] for 6 months. Here he visited Denver and two friends from High School. One thing leads to another and Scot finds himself attending college in Denver for a year. Eventually the three high school friends rented a basement where a prior artist left a few mostly used oil paints in floor of the closest. Inspired for the future, Scot collected up the tubes. One night he decided to apply the oils to a canvass board. Interestingly, he forget to buy paint brushes and used kitchen objects with his finders.
Hubble Deep Field Lines prior Art Style

This initial foray into oil painting with Hubble Deep Field Lines is enough motivation for Scot to create more art. Months later [in 1985 at age 20], Scot transferred schools to Boulder Colorado and ended up spending part of his budget on oil paints, brushes and canvasses. He lived alone in a studio apartment. Although a full time student focusing on writing and poetry classes fashioning faces in Sword Games of Love transformed Scot's priorities.

Sword-Games-of-Love prior oil painting signifying scot aaron's poArt Expressionism art style Sword Games of Love shows a mysterious red knight extending a sword into a heart that drips tears from a concerned eye.

Scot finished more than 15 sizable oil paintings this semester. With the cost of paints, brushes and canvass, Scot stored belongings and actually spent his last month [including his finals week] living on the streets. Poems and journal detail fear, sleep deprivation and other hardships during this period.

What is anger definition prior art style preparing for Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism What is anger definition really reflects and expresses anger from the history classes and current cold war politics that filled youth with the threat of annihilation through nuclear war. During this period Scot attends his Liberal Art class during the day and paints throughout the evening, night and morning .

Mothers Milk Film Mothers Milk Film combines the original painting of interacting bodies, covered with more abstract filled in faces. During the following year [after taking a summer and semester off to explore India] Scot desired to paint and due to very tight budget constraints he opted to paint over parts a few prior canvasses. This painting shows the face of Scot's Mother as surrounding scenes unfold like a film images.

abstract-dream-meanings Abstract Dream Meanings can be interpreted like a dream. The more abstract faces painted over the originals completed during the prior year.


Platonic-Solids liquids-and-gases oil painting showing Scot Aaron prior art styles Platonic Solids liquids and gases gets into crystalline reflects of life and memories. This relates to the Plato Ideas realm in Scot's life.


abstract-list-of-emotions prior art styles of Scot Aaron Abstract list of emotions almost entirely paints over a previous Scot Aaron oil painting. Scot already owned oil paints and brushes. Unable to afford canvass he covered a prior art style to develop more abstract techniques.


The next four images present a sample of simple Zen like experimentations of Art Styles leading to Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism.

voice-of-heartbreak voice-of-heartbreak is a prior art style of Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism ............ musical-mastery musical-mastery  shows a prior art style by Scot Aaron

matured-leaks presents a zen like prior art style from Scot Aaron
maturity leaks

define-communication-styles --define-communication-styles shows one prior art style of Scot Aaron applies [naked] revealing body language and self expression to define who we are and how we communicate our thoughts and feelings to others.


emotional-family-show is a prior art style preparing for Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism Emotional Family Show presents abstract yet distinct forms of a Father, Mother and child. These "nuclear" relationship delve into inner connects within the global family. This can also show how to potentially access one's individual talent when embodying feelings experienced from family interactions.


3-5-compromise-meaning shows the previous art styles - methods before Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism Three Fifths Compromise Meaning centers around a historic document where some human beings [slaves] were counted as three fifths of a person.


our magnetic declination - from the prior art styles of Scot Aaron Our magnetic declination centers around polarities and attractions in various relationships.

knitting-chunky-necklaces presents a Scot Aaron preceding style of art Knitting chunky necklaces shows abstract close up details of those chunky items we sometimes lace around our necks - to impede or relieve vocal chords.

The next images stem from the Art Style immediate prior to Scot Aaron developing poArt Expression. Scot used both the right and left hands for his technique and called this style "Left Hand Rites Write Right."

grassy-weeds-cast Grassy weeds cast faces hidden energies, even those known or unknown individual casts making an impact beneath the surface.

find-my-song-maker Find my song maker traces highly abstract expressions within a lyrical maze. Stimulate the imagination and find people and faces wrapped in their tunes.

off-road-wheelchair-artOff road wheelchair art is created in a wheelchair at a hospital. The power of art can and often is used to heal the Self.


These above art styles represent a few samples between 1986 to 1993 before Scot Aaron develops his poArt Expression.

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