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poArt Expressionism - Various Locations


poArt from Warsaw poland -Communist-Manifesto-Cages Communist-Manifesto-Cages --- September 19, 1997 ---  Warsaw Poland -- Willpowers beaten against bricks -- where mornings will fight with themselves -- collect senseless slogans -- muffled crimes of complacency -- silently sinking into secrecy ...

Somatic-Experiencing poArt Somatic Experiencing -- March 20, 1999 --- St. Gallen, Switzerland --- Experiencing this change -- flip between extremes of happiness to sadness -- for what does emotion matter -- that extend choices made today.

Madame Butterfly Wing poArt Madame Butterfly Wing -- May 6, 2004   Bangkok Thailand --- Butterfly wing winds welcome ---ricocheting from rubber band desire --- crashing down with turned frowns --- transformed in monk beggar bowls --- in momentary flight suspend in the highs.

Corporate Crimes  poArt Corporate Crimes -- October 30, 1997   Chicago --- Motionless like Mercury’s statue --- turn back corrupted clock chimes --- cracking codes --- to slowly spiraling scum --- strike down the birth of corrupt crimes --- Earth requires a new breath.

poArt Expressionism -Shadow-Art Shadow Art --- September 3, 2002 Igel, Germany --- Bend shadows, when bullied or blinded by sunshine --  groveling through leftover garbage  -- with sun drenched candle wax,  seeking to pour more hot reminiscence   -- yes, trace our outlines with possibility.

(Note, Scot Aaron did live a few years in Igel with his wife and kids. Igel means "hedgehog" in German. Hopefully will make a new tab in the near future.)


These above poArt Expressionism represent a few samples from Various Locations.

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