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Off road wheelchair art



The story behind this Scot Aaron Off road wheelchair art surrounds his wheel chair experience in 1989. After almost 3 month independently backpacking most of Egypt in 1988, a serious accident along the Red Sea puts Scot in a 13 day coma. An operation within the first 24 hours actually saves his live, whereby he is transported back to a USA hospital outside of Saint Louis where his Father works. Although all the doctors recommend he remains in the hospital Scot opts to return to Boulder, withstanding the difficulties and pain. The next summer in 1989 he skips the recommendations to remove the metal pin in his leg and instead backpacks 3 months in Central America. Here he climbs the most significant ancient pyramids from Mexico to Guatemala and even Honduras.

During the winter of 1989 Scot flies to Chicago to see a special artist exhibit at the Art Institute. Completely inspired, he returns the hospital for the operation to remove the pin. While in the wheelchair he creates his art.

Scot Aaron writes some poetic words about this Off Road image.

Ground bound with soured sensations all around. Highway hiccups to steer spiral crowns. Unscrew aluminum cans from a femur to find compound factures healed. Turn this personal globe. Transform top-soiled minerals to taste fruit in twisted ladder rungs climbing towards our DNA apex. Let us taste ripened fruits encircling a new Earth. Tip tide strides and crash land for justice and liberty.

Let us stand up for inalienable rights. Realize precious treasures from each breath - this great gift of life filled with personalized reflections refracting internal crystalline paths which sunshine deems will last and last. How I appreciate the past for choice experiences along unseen boulevards in creative futures.

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