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mystical-unity-poArt Expressionism painting


Bled red led
to fertile sands shaking as snakes
that summon heartbeats to say
‘who can sense true empathy’
try to turn earthquake smiles
and seed solemn soliloquies
opened from the Great Mother’s womb,
to swallow dark damned deeds
those perpetuated demon deceits

She  reverses greed to teach of a new humanity
where we breathe breeds of freedom’s harmony
sharing sacred submission songs
eternally correcting reflected  orbital wrongs
this seasonal sacrifice to reap heaven’s paradise
diamond cut seas circulating mountaintop jewelry -
treasures touched, tasted, and tuned
in the mystics’ marriage feast.

poArt Expressionism   June 9, 2011
by Scot Aaron


Can you all see us on TV. One heart and mind is our mantra of Mystical Unity. Some sing psalms from above; others clap hands and dance to tribal rhythms rising from once fertile lands. Here we pray to our Great Mother, who gave and gave and gave, hoping we'd forget about the upcoming graves. Instead of self pity or drugs of neglect, let us always praise privileges - even as a sacred beetle learns to have fun rolling around in fertile dung. So rise up this seeded sun, even as seas of stars transform the once crass sands.

mystical-unity-poArt Expressionism poem by Scot Aaron


Open palace minarets - be your best - and take step after step. ...

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