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Our magnetic declination

magnetic declination

Most people know about magnets on refrigerators and references to magnetic attractions. The definition of declination is a bit more complex and is used in astronomy to measure the angle of a star or astronomical object from the celestial equator [i.e. earth's equator impose on the sky]. Scot Aaron titles his art as obvious reference to relationships. Let's hear some his poetic thoughts.

Decline refine radiate with magnetic polarities generating internal engines. Slap the gap to connect each push and shove reaching again for friends and lovers. Check repulsive traits when trying to fascinate with captivating charisma. Ever witness a male peacock spread plumes and open many eyes? Though this bird refuses its evolutionary flight, magnificent color magnetically mesmerizes to magnify attractive qualities.

Recognize and realign moments with the ascetic aesthetic power of beauty. Where is our magnetic attraction. Who orientates poles to the greatness billions feel in within God. The questions of quest surround prioritized grounds. Mansions of mind struggle to find rediscovered rooms, opening and closing fascinating doors of interrelationships. Life glows - resounding with moments of bitter sweet joy and pain. Translate reverberating flow. Go and grow round and round - rectifying unravelled DNA secrets found in Chromosomes ladders that bend back and forth in daily orbits generating yearly climatic flows.

Feast on plasma fruit from currents inside a molten Earth iron gravitationally connecting us all from our sun to galactic core.

Where is your magnetic declination orientated yesterday today and tomorrow?

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