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Grassy weeds cast

Grassy weeds cast

Search and find the self. Locate growth from an inner voice that once spoke loud and clear.

So tell me what you do now when weeds brew and even grass entraps? Will you cast the ballot of imagination - forage and find some sacred space where heartbeats dine aside the mind?

Unite sun stimulated chlorophyll. Connect branched dendrites and angled axons for luscious memories stored deep within positive holes and negative peaks of neurons the brain seeks. Symmetrically refract various slants until reverberating choirs get us all higher. Higher like transformations in fire or perfumed semiconducting diffusion drawing upon coronal massive ejections during the dawning of new blue sky clues. Here sunshine can explore explosions in and out of each magnetic door. Mate - radiate - shine electrifying wild flowers streaming through pasture land digging ever inward to discover steamed colors in abstract prairies of crystallized consciousness.


Have you ever heard of the ancient Veda understanding where "all is food and eaters of food?" Maybe our inter connected dependent reality is more intimate and essential than previously understood.

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