poArt Expressionism

Emotional Family Show

Emotional family show

This image illustrates an example from Scot Aaron early art styles. This form may border on abstract expressionism yet is realistic enough to show two parents with a child. Scot presents some poetic words related to emotions in this family show.

Hand us honey - hot cool sometimes sticky security for husbands and wives. Accept flight from childhood wings as these folks sing and prepare to bridge generational gaps from swimming their laps.

Ancestor worship condenses in skies that arouses joy in sparkling irises of revealing eyes. Show more and more cores. Heartbeat extravaganzas in breeded strides. Yes families can be so alive!

Touch and see. Believe families exist inside personal relationships with reality. Events may call for us to access Father and Mother capabilities, rising to an occasion like supreme parents able to teach weaved wisdom.

Some experiences [especially connections with all forms of great art] demand oneness - the ideal spouse fusion of two into one.

Bare bones and support like siblings sacrificing for shared genes.

Always and forever learn to protect and never neglect the child within. Here the newness of youth opens to inspirational freedom filled with fun exciting growth.

Grow sow and know precious moments with valuable years of fruitful lifetimes.


Can you tell that Scot used both hands at the same time? This expressive style of poignant emotions prepares for his more abstract style - Left Hand Rites.

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