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Define Communication Styles

define communication styles

Scot Aaron shows a single naked woman whose body language and attitude defines and identifies her communication style. This image characterizes much of the Expressionism in Scot's poArt paintings. Scot writes what he sees this woman trying to communicate.

Who will stand up and define their true feelings? Yes life is easier when hiding under common statements characterizing life as 'fine and dandy' when you harbor ill will or even an inner voice of heartbreak.

'Hi, how is everything?' Then like a white liar robot you answer 'fine, how are you?' Butt, is life fine? Do we ever proclaim or demarcate the reality of inflated rent prices in a metropolitan cities that robs us dry. It seems like bankers everywhere rob the common people dry. For hundreds of years the rich get richer and then mass media corrupts and distracts characterizing the majority self serving politician as helpful when they spew repression definitions with deception. Look at politician puppets - best described as slaves to bankers who steal from the hard working laborers.

How can we define every bent muscle in her body to clearly transfer her rage and disgust with the dirty corrupt system surrounding her? Yes she has watched friends from youth over dose on drugs as they felt compelled to escape from the materialistic illusion. She slid through stages of the game, dressing with elegance, adding fashionable grace with her cliches - until discovering this artificial plague greases the slippery slope to hell. What was life like in her rebellious youth, before the illusions of materialism, before she bit into hells pizza!

Yes if she is to be blessed then she must clearly demarcate and communicate her authentic good taste - where she now chooses to reject every degree of her past surface friends and circumstances that she used to waste her time with.

Scot Aaron asks who will honestly stand up and clearly define their communication style?

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