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Broken Heart Quotes


Broken Heart Quotes

Ride inside switched thought beam celebrations.
Grab emotional ghost sensations with held hands
as honey smiles stick in stitched watchtower memories
pealing through facades to grasp grated gratefulness

Pierce piloted grapevines
that condensed wine from our fermented times -
go flow grow and show thorn thrones
brilliantly blazing in built-up experiences
bringing us beauty to bathe soul stories -
as sacrificed seasons rob and robe wisdom

Yes, explode beneath your clothes
bewitch break bitch and blame unraveled games
that once danced upon delicious delicate reflections
to speak and weep with broken bone heart beats.


poArt Expressionism   May 24, 2011
by Scot Aaron


Will you say something real after hearts leak and sneak into future relationships?

The spirit of broken heart are like multifaceted baskets struggling to bathe a core nucleus of love. Beg to find focal points. After that dangle a bit further. Wrap arms around empathic eyelids and break out of preordered sensitivities until raw blood multiplies in damaged wind storms. Now close your mouth to eat your best friend. Then lend a little more sympathy until tenderness touches shattered hope. This is the moment when so many share the busted breath. Anger and frustration struggles with kindness - trying not to choke on ropes when we reach for winding paths we pray will last.

broken-heart-quotes poem by Scot Aaron


A black and white bird of flight becomes our broken heart coo-coo clock that refuses to stop.

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