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Art Soul Artist Statement from 1987


Although revised in 2012, Scot is 21 years old when inspired to write about his art in an original journal entry dated July 8, 1987. This artist statement stems from when Scot Aaron was backpacking in India for 6 months.

Let’s yoke the art of writing to purge rapturous moments and philosophically sort confused discourse. Energies from this Asia backpacker hangout expand relative to pawns partying in their beer bashes. Upbeat music swivels through cylindrical balancing beams of fascination. Similarities strike cords with my college town of Boulder Colorado. This is likely why I chose to rent my budget hotel room here for an extra day.

Let channels focus drowned out excess distractions until artistic expressions procure angled attributes. Anchor essence and form! Manifest vibrations that transcend theories of time. Plow peaks through past arrows gyrating aspirations! Inhale future ambition so photogenic photons flow through waterfall connections; Right Now! Hi, make us all more alive!

Can I picture myself here, condensing space at this very point along the curved line of my travels in Southern India? Influentially unfold lifetime experiences to integrate influential thoughts and actions. Feast on subconscious symbols so creativity can bind blossoms. Freeze frame multiple images into colorful scenes of heightened awareness. Transfer the high energy rainbow reflections from full spectrums of light to actualize our deepest most encompassing realizations. Inhale olfactory reminiscence directly into cortex pinnacles of this brain.

Yes, oh yes gentle Muse, weave our distinct inspiration into a future energizing the NOW! This heartbeat roars with creative flows. Feedback reverberates through ventricle preparation, revitalizing cardiac effectiveness piercing blood brain barriers as enzymes in our global limbic system send sensations through every orifice and limb. Wow, these oceanic waves taste like spicy summers on sweet shores!

How many times must I say, must I pray, must I activate articulate art here right now. RIGHT NOW; right now, right now! Listen up all of you angels and demons manipulating my ‘think therefore I am’ moments. Let us chisel through distortion until screams melt auditory hammer bones, re-aligning axes of judgment with our most sacred semicircular canals. Earn privileges! Read, scan, swallow, shovel, soak in this spinal tap artist statement! Experience keys of reality as a holy explosions guides souls today. Learn, grow, sow!
Okay, what shall we explore with art, using these nice spliced fingers diced with authorized life?

Fractal facet faces brew inside shaded silken souls. Hungry river floods incubate icicles with aced lightning as fish-flows find veins. Radiate lymph node glows with growth. Artistic expressions need feed to breed! Force raw fruit forms of felt energy to wash yeast molds inside sculpted words. Be fulfilled! Connect our CSF cerebrospinal fluid with powers that inspire this creative moment.

Core chasms churn ineffable emotions. Painted sensations come alive. That homunculus dances in our brains triggering luminary vibrations. Symbolically run, soar, swarm, squash, swim, and send condensed prolific profundity though receptacles of entwined mind vines. Express transformed pain! Where are we the same! Atheistically rearrange sunken shamed swung shards of reality. Let individual temperaments reshape juxtaposed dispositions into a dynamic jive. Upload intimated feelings. Devoted to fertility, I’ll swallow storm clouds, then clearly crack the chaos chains. Emerge right now; resonate within creamed receptacles of our combined creativities.

Yes, let blessed breath surround artist experiences! Like trees conducting atmospheric electromagnets, thunderously manifest muse motivations. Seed roots our sweetest succulent fruits! Channel branded branched energies through these finger tips, as choreographed spirits emerge from this paper. With sensitivities in realities of concrete imagination, shape kinetic flows, direct, recombine, and mine energies through souls. Reverse their supposed entropy by linking laser light intelligences. Create transformative cloud colors. Evaporate negative temperaments as temperature peaks cyclone through hurricane eyes. Fuse elixir essence from friends, loved ones, and all sweaty blood situations. Uproot grounded artery explorations; crystallize soils rifed from resolved minds; manifest interwoven enlightenment; then conduct prepared body fields that fashion chimed consciousness with sensually shaped class.

Hello to all who listen! Construe brews from that artist yeast. Breed, bask, and bake formidable shoreline creations into mountain peak awareness. Explode blossoms after art transcends mundane reflection to solidify razored space time. Detail contours within authentic investigations of facial expressions. Ripen unconscious dreams. Harvest subconscious clarification and burn tares! Yeah, terminate those concrete demon phantoms that inflict roving consciousness. Let’s mutate DNAs with aesthetics from condensations of ascetic foci!

My work accentuates concentrated subtleties, offering perceptive viewers doorways that penetrate multifaceted dimensions making up our existence. Recognize negligence from deceptive individuals. Realize your “I am!” Uncover true treasured tastes packaging core appreciations. May this art style touch internal ramifications, even as great bells toll and wake-up calls reverberate rainbow resolutions. Circulate highlighted words, and with God’s will may my artwork share its cultural palace.

Artist Statement revised from July 8 1987, 8:00 PM