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Abstract List of Emotions

Abstract list of emotions

Unfortunately - due to his lack of money for new canvass - Abstract list of emotions covers up a prior Scot Aaron oil painting. This more abstract style of oil painting includes noticable and semi-formed images of individuals and couples expressing emotions. [Note - Mothers Milk Film shows about half of the original oil painting, similar to the expressive Abstract Dream Meanings.] Scot writes some inspirations connected with his oil painting.

See someone running hiding laughing talking crying finding a place to rage with wind, duck in sin or stretch cut veins with rubberized clamps holding lovers in place for an unforgettable kiss. Trace bliss in dendrite dungeons enwrapped in tangled wiggles seeking scanned soul squiggles from a palm print paradise. Drink electrifying raindrops from released storm sediments leaning towards complex ocean dreams cataloguing lunar resolutions.

Let plagues of passion play out in timeless religious rituals where combined entropy stabilizes oneness. Yes - brief baskets of bliss can unite dispersed dangling desperation to weave scenes through semi shared memories. Weep leap and keep cradle comfort in new born experiences.

Even if splurged in solitude, a register of shared sensations is constantly cleaned to record slopes and hopes, each with relevant degrees of depths. The bitter and sweet become key prerequisites to a tantalizing sour yet fully sweet Tree of Lifetimes.

Our coils engage entanglement, unwound in chromosomes pairs to duplicate, slip and combine then dynamically touch one another - like air molecules in shared breaths - or hands of heritage - or symbols of sound waves - or platonic solids liquids and gases emotive memories.


Feel free to list some of your emotions experienced from this Scot Aaron oil painting ...

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