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About Scot Aaron

Born in the capital of California and creating art since a young child, Scot Aaron's earliest elementary teachers [at a British school outside Oxford] recognized and promoted innate artistic abilities. Although always to the top of his art classes, writing and poetry took priority when entering the university. After a year of creative writing at George Mason University where he lived and worked in Washington D.C., independently backpacking in Thailand and China for 6 months, and an additional year of school in Denver, he settled in Boulder Colorado for the university. Employed four years at the Art & Architecture Library, Scot enthusiastically examined each art, architecture, photography and artist book he put back on the shelf. ... Disagreements with an art teacher inspired Scot to learn painting by feeling and experiencing original art from Master artists of established traditions.

Earlier Scot-Aaron-self-portrait
An early poArt Expressionistic style self protrait.

Books can reproduced photography, yet Scot needed to connect with the originals when it came to paintings and sculpture. Recollecting many long inspirational days at the Smithsonian Museums when age 19, Scot set out to see great art in the U.S. He flew various times to New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to explore the museums and temporary exhibits. Able to draw great realistic images as a youthful artist, Scot then experimented with oil paintings on canvass and various art styles before creating the artistic power of poArt Expressionism.


Scot Aaron working on an art project in Boulder Colorado


Scot Aaron showing a shirt scene made from broken glass painted into the shirit




Connect with prior art from Scot Aaron showing samples of earlier art styles from Scot Aaron and some of his experimentations with painting and art
Link to Prior Art Styles . These artistic styles and abstract expression are from 1986 - 1993.



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