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Yeast Fermentation Education Creations

Yeast-Fermentation-Education-Creation poArt Expressionism painting

Yeast Fermentation Education Creations

Who will open this educational door?
step out and shout with a new blue lipped chrysalis
blazing butterfly arms striving to sing
snap wrap cap viewers to their wings
or seed saddened seasonal ponds
with broken basket laked longings -
whirlwinds wishing for endless sea capacities
welcoming thornless roses
dropped from fingertip ladders
where God-like sensations strike silent shouts
saying raindrop experiences must combine minds
even if tsunami tides twist our strides
releasing yeast souls in footprint bread
to ferment even greater harvested heavens,
tasting blossoms to trace tongue licked pathways

Listen to color hues through and through
these ripped cream dream reamed creations.

poArt Expressionism   June 2, 2011
by Scot Aaron


Ever fermented a metaphoric yeast? Ever made bread that rises from quickly spreading interactions of yeast like seeds? What about the slower pace watching children grown up? Who can understand how fermented time operates? Who truly edifies cultured minds with innovating intelligence?

Access realms of creation with the expressionism of this poArt poem and painting. Take visual sound and metaphoric cues to face core symbols of life.

Now reminisce. Remember pores from puberty - the fermenting confusion coupled with exciting risk taking - the effervescence agitating parental restriction. Let go - flow - tutor fresh uproaring sensations conceiving of creative ways to open doors of age. Yes step into adulthood where Grandmothers grind the teeth of memory - holding on to tumultuous tastes from their once sprouted seeds of human being. When does handiwork from past generations get trashed. When will old school fabrications appear fake and too easily break! Let the youth bleed as they stretch experimentations with their sensational wings of emotional educations. Who is deluded and who sees through the complexities of color hues - until everything disappears in death.

Yeast-Fermentation-Education-Creation poArt Expressionism poem

The yeast like spread of humans reach all corners of our globe. Now ask how each one fits in and connects. Turn the door knob. Witness death and who will rise?

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