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To Stop Self Deceptions

To Stop Self Deceptions poArt painting

To Stop Self Deceptions      

Hiding again
from spurious mirrors,
this series of wind strewn distractions
with mosquitoes biting my brain,
slap this thought or knot
helplessly hung
when wanting to run
from leaked, pain prick memories
bandaged as tender truth
until unable to see through clues
where slews of nothing real remain
except stares of beware signs
signaling how life is unfair,
like tadpoles plucked from water,
like an eagle missing a wing,
like great ideas lost in confusion illusions,
so, can I teach my self
what I choose not to see,
bet on yes,
then recognize hidden deceptions
before they come true.

poARt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
April 7, 1999   Salt Lake City


To Stop Self Deceptions poArt poem

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