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To See Thur Strugglings

To See Thur Strugglings  poArt


To See Thur Strugglings

emotions in an invisible bag
broken up as quick sand
laughed at in our cave of echoes
until we discover games in marriage
called pretending life is the same
scouring surface struggles of success
to be the best
to wear crowns with illicit royalty
to leave defeat
for pilgrims cramped on knees
praying for their shamed silk solutions
with hungry demons on the prowl
releasing prizes of deceit
dropped as candied bombs into thoughts
where we happily survive with puppet strings

oh how temples of effort scream for cleansings
to see thur the struggling and agree
we will be so much more.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
March 9, 1999, Grunwald-Munich, Germany


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