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Synesthesia Test


Synesthesia Test - by Scot Aaron


Synesthesia Test

So many fingers all around
something like noisy sounds
forcing capillaries to compromise
colorful blood cells,
as platelet shards share hands from clocks
to whittle down synesthesia aches,
elaborate authenticity with fakes,
test complacency on a roll toll
until fickle frowns turn the bowl
with nothing to look forward to
since wobbly shadows replace flesh
struggling to hold a cold soul,
more darkness from soiled rainbows
yelling ‘take me back to sunshine’
uplift buried gifts after floods drain
and tender hearts curl upon altars
tasting tear fill prayers,
with eyelids to support shouted sorrows
while arrows of smell feed combined minds
for touched whispers to reverberate full roars
teaching us that love is our real door.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
July 31, 1998    Salt Lake City


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