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Sword Games of Love

Sword Games of Love

Seek diamond reflection. Refract fearful nooses with wide opened eyes. Stare and climb games of staired love- those sharp edged cracked mirrors. Choose to give in or give up. Purge sadness with shallow expressions flipping faces to claim upside down hearts.

The opera wields her sword without revealing lips or eyes. So trace contours of strength. Drop tears of effort for ribboned blood leaking like dogs in heat or like nuns swallowed by disgust as children hide beneath covers of invisibility.

Does life get easier at night or reveal simple swords for those choosing to fight through the up and downs - roaring sounds of smiles and frowns ... in this dream some entitle life some sacrifice and others just die.

This 1985 oil paintings really starts Scot Aaron on the path to poArt Expressions. If thus inspired share what you can see and feel Sword Games of Love?

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