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Spewed Repression Definition


Spewed Repression Definition

Spew more distorted news
as true pews reach out to lend a righteous pen

can you view her earthquakes once again
requesting bridged perceptions
that long for sunshine saviors
as rage spills from an angry splattered maze
pointing upward for miraculous signatories
fistful full stories of frightened nightingales
wishing for glory
than befriending hi-gloss gullied eyes,
that bruise from gateways of hate -
governing blame grained gained grounds.

Will we make our communal wish
or live with broken dish after dish
in saturated floods of starved sacrificed scars
calling us to break through repressed bars!

poArt Expressionism   June 16, 2011
by Scot Aaron


Hold on! Please. Peer into the once angel eyes now angled from oppression - dominated subjugation rolling from despots - veins of subliminal tyranny teaching us of ravenous hardness as we struggle to repress hatred and subsume ancient vendettas.

Focused shouts swirl in revolutionary plazas. Send out fresh words for revolutionary generations to generate clarity. Apply combined fists of judgment upon altars that scream about degraded beliefs. Let the guilty admit their crimes!

Who is alive today? Who licks midnight moons to reveal sharpened suffrage - churning traded tears until enough of us awaken!!! Witness this flood above until we learn to spread love and understanding.

Spewed Repression Definition poem


Continuing ... let us please heal this oppression. Burn and be done with paper swords wielded by wealthy scum. ...

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