poArt Expressionism

Shaken up and aWay

Shaken up and aWay


Shaken up and aWay       

Far and wide covered bye byes
as crimes sit in sunken skies
situations get absorbed inside eyes,
then steamed seams scream
shuffling scuffled responsibilities
like a deck of creased cards
smashing crystal eyeballs of hope
until surrounded by sullied sands
under bleeding train tracks,
blind rides for idiots
holding phantasmal fallacies
aside straight line lightening aims
cracking hearts of priorities
bending bandaged crowns
to awaken our inner child
that plays in wet matchsticks,
tempted with candied candles of forgetfulness
as we try to tame feathers with clarity.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Salt Lake City, January 3, 1999



Shaken up and aWay in black background

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Did a Mother and her burgeoning adolescent child mend their steaming seams. Hear about confusions on both sides of connected genetic and epigenetic equations. Sort through potential solutions. As the outer reality appears stagnant and silent, unseen subconscious growth locates light and finds new ways. Shake up, rearrange and uplift.

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