poArt Expressionism

Shadow Art


Shadow Art

Bend shadows
when bullied or blinded by sunshine,
for yes, uncover precious finds in time
when submerged in blatant misunderstandings
groveling through leftover garbage
until able to pickup facets from ores,
dousing precious roots with screams
to discover upward arteries,
mineral cores seeking to soar
as ambitious nerves flicker
with sun drenched candle wax,
seeking to pour more hot reminiscence,
reflections seeping from an eternal door
where this subconscious imagination
shapes born forms
to translate art everywhere
transforming the here, the now
the waters of brown, yellows and blues,
for this is about me and you
tracing our outlines with possibility.

poARt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
September 3, 2002 Igel, Germany

poArt-Shadow-Art poem

Yes Scot Aaron revises the beauty of the simple original poem, hoping to add color to the "Shadow Art" title. Hope all enjoy this as much I.


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