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Self Deception Meaning

Self Deception Meaning poArt Expressionism painting by Scot Aaron

Self Deception Meaning

Blindness is an acculturated mirror
eyes fallen fallacious faces
twisted gluttony unable to taste truth
scorching darkened depths of daylight
to next moan and groan along tearless steps
re-submerged when going down
descending down down down
to those grounds of self deception
paved with pungent illusive jewels
sowing obscured infected veins
that compel underprivileged paths to bleed
asking when we’ll rock hard knock lesson
seeding revolutions spiritual evolution
as equality pries open proxy epoxy eyelashes
pupils to pierce our vast purpose for existence.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Munich  - April 6, 2000


Upside down and spun all around - lying - tricking - cheating the self can make us think we own the ground. How much of this ground [our material possessions or bank accounts] follow us to a so-called afterlife. Ultimately, this is the meaning of self deception. Pierce purpose. Penetrate significance in souls. Reflect upon implications of your nature - the importance of your day to day complexities until depths of nighttime shadows spread spider leg stress around insomniac brains. Can the power of a fraud withstand the ferocity of truth and retribution? Where are our true jewels? What about values and significant priorities? Ask if and when we'll can learn the great lessons of a lifetime? What happens with lies affixed in plastic face?

Self Deception Meaning poArt Expressionism poem with its painting by Scot Aaron


What is the meaning of the self [with the small s] and the Self capitalized? How and where can we let go of distracting deception and seize the moment with our heart and intelligence! When and where will we choose to participate in Sacred Diving Games?

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