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Sacred Diving Games

Sacred-Diving-Games poArt Expressionism painting by Scot Aaron

Sacred Diving Games

An ageless sea speaks
spiral mysteries from barren moons
opening daylight from darkness in each blink
to think – drink – dive through soul situations
when staring in centers of dusk and dawns

So flow from aching memory beams -
uphold baked broken bones
like scared sacred slogans for rising stars
awakening dreaded hours
to listen again
to read best friends
to rediscover love.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Munich  - December 12, 2000


Listen - churn - learn! Yes this is totally another type of lover theme. Dive in two partnership dunes! Is counting grains in sand clocks worth the back and forth competition? How many relationships center on competition - that tic tock tick for tack contest? From intimacy to healthy lunchtime bouts, someone chooses to nosedive. Will resolutions from diving games be seriously beneficial? The chess board of chests - where each can take a breath and see symbolic pieces of body language [especially a smile from the King or the figure of a Queen] - requests that we take the plunge. Go straight inside. Submerge the Self within this underwater world scientists could call reefs of reality.

This may sound flippant to some - those lost in elongated lottery games or tarot card synchronicity. Who will chance the rainbow colored phallic symbols dangling from kitchen ceilings during a family meal? Feelings sometimes get hurt! Yet the bet is about life. Carpe Diem! Who will take a leap and truly live this lifetime!

Common themes run through various scriptural and philosophical texts. Lifetimes demand brave headlong participation - real energy so we may square with light waves [E = MC ^2], even a-muse others with somersaulting. ...

The marriage of best friends can continually rediscover love within authentic diving games.

Sacred-Diving-Games poARt expressionism poem


Scot Aaron asks each viewer to ponder this poArt Expressionism and ask "Are you married, in a serious relationship, searching for love in clubs even when trying to heal broken bones from prior hits, or are you just a player. Let's ask, when do Y-O-U dive in and play this game we can call living an authentic life!" ...

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