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Link to a few poArt Expressionism paintings and poems created when Scot lived downtown Munich. Fortunately Scot Aaron agreed to share some expressionistic poetic thoughts from these examples of his Munich collection. Actually this poArt creativity reads like a coffee table book.

poArt-BacK-and-Forth-Core BacK-and-Forth-Core -- September 12, 2000, Munich Germany --sketching red and blue games --fingers in each door -- filling life with treasured hues --

poArt- To-See-Thur-StrugglingsTo-See-Thur-Strugglings -- March 9, 1999, Grunwald-Munich
-- Buried emotions in an invisible bag -- our cave of echoes -- crowns with illicit royalty -- releasing prizes of deceit -- dropped as candied bombs into thoughts ...
where we happily survive with puppet strings

poArt- Crown of ThornsCrown of Thorns -- November 11, 2000 --- you and you and you too --- with painful scraped refrains of red --- then sensitive scintillations of light  --- shimmer upon double edged swords --- to speak like prophets of yore --- after our floods saturate with stains.


poArt-Vascular-Dementia Vascular-Dementia -- August 3, 1998 -- Cup the end, count your flowers of death -- bury breathes in busyness -- with cues for each precious moment -- your treasure chest memories -- in ruts of heaven.

dive high and low with Sacred-Diving-GamesSacred Diving Games really focuses on diving deeper into the soul to realize all the positive aspects in life. Consider reality when reflecting light to refract passions in a sea of clarity. Diving Games consist of lila [Sanskrit play of consciousness]. Apply magnetic positive and negatives to effectively align love and intelligence as red blood cells awaking ultra-violent X-ray insight in blue skies. - Ultimately Sea with clarity before choices in reality force so many to eat slices of a hellish pizza.

What happens Before-Hells-Pizza Before-Hells-pizza
Well - before ordering a pizza from Hell, we can look at the primary ingredients. Gluttony can fill in for pepperoni made with pig meat. Dripping wet oily melted cheese lust can be yellow or creamy white. Suddenly salty anchovies squiggle through envy until burning hot paprika wrath and revenge. Instead of strength and energy from the Spinach topping, the rich vitamins are wasted for couch potato complacency and sloth. The mushroom topping can represent fungal greed. Stop. With with a little magic and focus, each can spiritually awaken before biting into a slice of Hells Pizza. Time is ripe to transform with kindness and love thoughtful temperance careful caring charity with due diligence, and pages of patience where each humbly learns of morality and ethics. Ask who of us ever ready to pass through the door to the other side?


Door-Plus-Heartbeat-Sound-EffectsDoor - Plus Heartbeat Sound Effects --- Pass through the Door and add bitter and sweet benefits effecting each heartbeat sound. Yes this is art about doorway pulsations examining our heartbeats. Make it very clear what effects we produce when opening or closing door ways we pass through. What Siren sounds do we make along our path - with and every right and left shoe soul?


In the Age-of-Siren-ShoesAge-of-Siren-Shoes
what do we do. When will the emergency finish? Will will ever learn to properly tie those shoe strings or will complexities always clutter up life? Do siren screamed feelings mainly affect struggles of adolescent and youth? What initiation of change requires degrees of internal artist pain? Who will plunge deeper and taste extremes of bitter and sweet. What modality best teaches how to reach and reap oneness? Can we walk up crystal stairs and keep in step with shoes of significance?


Crystal-Stair-to-NowhereCrystal-Stair-to-Nowhere asks each and everyone to look around, stare and examine life. Where will we go when caught in complacency or simply fed up with personalized "broken dish dungeons." Reflect upon each and every stair when so many whirl around each day and go nowhere.




Self-Deception-Meaning-.jpgSelf Deception Meaning finds herself underground wondering if and when she'll be found polishing cracked mirrors that slit wrists with palmistry plagued fists. What does deception mean when smeared in lies compromising integrity with tears of self pity. Crash into personally fashioned pits, routed ruts, and polished poisonous lips. Will you let those voices in the head nail souls to the nightmare beds where so many toss and turn from drugged up illusions left in a self tangled mangled sham - void of that island land to stand upon!


Polarities of up and down all around Bi-polar-symptoms Bi-polar-symptoms
polarize. These askewed rogue angles of perception tenderize - only to demonize and impersonate imprisoned mimed crime. ... Electrify the fall and rise like lost electrons diving into pits multiplying bits and bytes that collapse ionized kites - symptomatic of adrenaline fights of fright and sleepless nights indicting time might be ripe for explosive expressionistic plights.


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