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Mothers Milk Film

Mothers Milk Film

Scot Aaron writes -

Films from a mysterious future emerge from a mystical muse - complete extracts of time and space unburying fate. A midwife nurse screams dreams of dance, unifying daisy petals with fragrant nectar. Childhood desires peep from hangman hopes to worried snakeskined eye lashes. Cuddle hard rocks as pedestals enthrone wants and whims when stretched through sacrificed scars. Wear robed bars of self defeat perpetuating illusion. Grasp weeping red suns. Wish upon necking star before join herd mentalities marching on saddles of fear, straddling priorities. Chance mediocrity. Leap forward. Get naked. Be as real as moon beams shooting into churned seas.

Accordingly, Scot peers into the worried eyes of Mother. To her, he is still the naked boy struggling with growth and rebellion. She always worries. Scot embodies the Milk, appreciative yet alive to take advantage of every opportunity to literally 'milk' the Earth reality. Scot repeats mantras of knowledge and growth. Journal after journal records a struggle to symbolically eat all possible. He eats knowledge and allows experience and maturity to digest.

Can you see why Scot Aaron names this painting Mothers Milk Film? ...

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