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Memory Quotes for Moon Craters


Memory Quotes for Moon Craters

Seeds of need scatter friendship rings.
Hold on and never finalize requested songs.
Let circles in skulls stretch past bets
twisting what's left to right wrongs
in lonely lectures on deformed drunken dunes
hiding abused innocence in an abyss
with spun spider web stilts
weaving waves of exploded palm beaches
on a honeycombed continental rift bench
in each split ripped buried plunge
that bleeds to keep a sunken sunrise shinning
for others to dine on shared burnt stairs,
captured in planes of lunar crater shadows -
these blocked ancient rocket rocks
riding upon footstool parables
balancing breasts and breaths of neglect
back to childhood feathered Fathered see-saws
sowing sown flesh with a treasured head
trying to reach deeper into these bone homes.  

poArt Expressionism   May 28, 2011
by Scot Aaron


Reminisce upon pedestals of thought. Think about quoted minds and blink when sinking in hallowed hollow depressions. Will we seed more than we see - left reflecting moon beams - those lunar cradles twisting tumultuous seas that request spheres of dreams. Indent tides. Cite passages from memory. Sink, just to ride and get higher. Yes please. Reach arms, bleed, remember knees and wave to Broken Hearts. Savor released struggles when closeted orbits choose to smile. Here we are, alive to balance each eye lash memory.


Memory-Quotes-for-Moon-Craters poem


Will remembrance paves new days or keep whirlpool gullies inside the same cabinet game?

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