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Artist Statement with
"Jumping Gene Transposons"

Jumping Gene Transposons - where are you within the genes

Scot Aaron's "Light Painting" transfers Transposons


Scot Aaron originally writes this statement as an inspirational letter to a high school student from Boston doing a class paper on poArt Expressionism. She wanted an “Artist Statement” from a po-Artist.
[This jumping gene transposon-like “Artist Statement” was revised in 2012. Consider retro-transposons right now, transporting listeners back to free flowing po-artistic inspiration stemming from February 15th 1997.

Time winks. Experiences percolate down dripping red lips. Who speaks about truth today! Clock towers get stuck like stacked soldiers in their trenches. Flat tire indecision scrapes over windy, rocky roads. Little air pockets of wrath soil broken twig memories branching through twisted lungs. I think, therefore I am not.

Scream out! Where can we discover authentic fun? What is true happiness!? Games roll coaster, squeezing fat until flattened into 2d deceptive dice. They paint printed paper money with putrid pictures. We consent, believing it must be real? Buy your loaf of bread; smell burnt crust; taste bitterness; and succumb to unlucky berries as rancid wheat germs spread out like tarot card thoughts scribbling desperate numbers for survival. Witness banker robbers bury good honest people in their cashed piles of crap! Wow, this western world illusion triggers domino dispute suits tracing noxious jury pain and blame.

Times are ripe! Contemplate your mind body unity. Undress! Pore out nakedness to splice your plight! Reverse significance until failing metaphors drizzle into a saved stream. Yes! Curve around consciousness; twine tricky tree trucks of artistic truce; tug-of-war with ripe roots of resolution. Let lucid calcium dreams reach vast seas of possibility as Tie Chi Yoga wave trains shape vortex tides hoping to wash through you and me.

Cellular feelings erupt everywhere. Magma lights emanate from heart beaten dance clubs. Each molten vein moves in rhythm following fiery crowds. Who will deviate with ingenuity? Release creativity; navel nexus advice. Even activate flatulence for methylations to neutralize evil intentions. Do something strange or nervously new! Ignite this night! Breathe within doped silicon sand castles, crystallizing mineral willpower in bloodstream anti-bodies. Yeah, sketch papyrus appeals at nano scales and achieve Olympian enzymes! When will we fashion love into the literal cores of purified life? Diamondize energies. Unfold day to day and radiate!

Ask, can fossilized sedimentary sentiments send positive passions? Sigh and cry. Release your tears. Drop into quantum nonlocality. Laser liberate disruptive entanglements. Swim with silver strokes that struggled along viscous currents? Peak with platinum, leap, then leak out of sunspot skins. Magnetically attract virtuous visions. Purge all undesired pulpits! Energetically waterfall into jeweled pavements gilding granite grace. Radioactively electrify! Send superconductive relief, then solve ‘our' momentary drowning with terse poetic tension. Alchemically vibrate aligned power polemics. Climb spiral highs with Zen haikus. Reveal naked arteries from breastfed feces. Refuse to compromise with magick! Churn captured creams with clarity. Stare beyond mirrored memories. Step aside from the self. Now melt molded expectations to express epigenetic experience. Translate those tarnished transposons. Retro ancestral lessons. Dissipate distraction. Eat DNA, reweave and feast! Resound renewed resolutions. Focus critical clarity. Yes, reverse repression!

As these explosive moments build crater fills, I sensitively select watercolor tips, shed sacred snakeskin saliva from mouthwatering moments, and mix raw muscle miracles. Some just call this art; others witness laborious gifts of God in aced ascetic actions. I pool pulled color from depths of pain and pray for the ascetics of aspiration to fashion inspiration! This boon boom reverberates dove feathers from sacrificed lambs that liberate dammed up tears and fears. Gripping my palate of tools, overflows release rage, frustration, tinges of bi-polar happiness, serious upset, heavy hopes, burrowing demons and their hosts of awaiting angels.

Please save us, please. … Here I listen and write dear words, the flesh and bones of a poArt soul. This is poArt Expressionism! Thanks for asking about the nurture nature of a po-Artist.

Transferring Transposons - retro-transposon us


Note on Jumping Gene Transposons in the title. After Scot Aaron completes numerous university biology courses where professors elevate DNA and the genome, epigenetics and gene expression currently take priority. How many times do scientists mention so-called “junk DNA?” Transposons are segments of DNA able to move positions within a chromosome, even to another chromosome, thereby modifying the action of genes and gene expression for relevant mutations. Transposons and retrotransposons accumulate throughout generations, able to cut and mutate DNA and gene expression. According to Scot Aaron, we are moving beyond the “decadent deadening days of Darwin” towards spiritual “trans” energies able to transform the physical back to Earth’s core of Light.