poArt Expressionism

Hubble Deep Field Lines

Hubble Deep Field Lines

Hubble Deep Field Lines marks the start of Scot Aaron art leading to his development of poArt Expressionism. Listen to some words from Scot.

Hubble telescopic bubbles in minds
incubating treasures of starlit wine
following grapes from internet vines
igniting shared firework field lines.

Stir deep bottomless imaginations. Unseen intensities mingle as shared satellite friends - etching sweet moonbeams in hot paprika awakenings. Break authentic sacrament bread. Sprout wheat treasure. Harvest outlined fields to feast on themes of Platonic Solids liquid brews and laughing gases.

Yes Edwin Hubble took a guess and did his best to access Mothers Milk Film. Focus subconscious awareness can now reveals insight light in meaningful multilayered mysteries.

Let Hubble Deep Field Lines move within the shadows and enlighten some souls ...

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