poArt Expressionism

Finding Fault Lines


Finding Fault Lines     

Let me go,
the so sow sew,
every worry in this stone forest
petrifies found fears
in fallen cave shame
full of back cracks
day to day haze
slapping the face,
this mirage garage of perception
like melted rotten candy ,
with a witch lost in her every wish
as children grew
vexing their slew of vendettas
amidst strewn pieces of hate cake;
I want to chop my heart down
eat off raw ground
then learn about sneaky snakes
how to shed this spine mind
or not
to dine upon afterlife
dig new holes for tomorrow
ask who wants to hear of miracles
when the circle trapped squares
leaving craters with too many echoes
scratching fault lines
as too many crippled and blind
find and take captured callous fakes.


poArt Expressionism By Scot Aaron
March 14, 1998 Salt Lake City



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