poArt Expressionism

Epigenetic Patty Cake


Epigenetic Patty Cake

Deep window corner crevices
catch surrounding complexities
like grandma’s patty cake patty cake,
the bakers maid explodes yeast extremes
shouting with dances from fallen angels
ripping out bought time clocks
till force feeding swallowed sound
as we ask who will digest metallic mines,
crystallize smile miles inside
rend tears of pain from blossomed hearts,
and wonder if friendship joy stays near
when held as self strangulation,
hibernated with those adolescent teddy bears
proliferating grown up baby dolls
that kindle killed kite tail spiraled daggers ,
drugged storms with winds of woe dungeons,
making epigenetic twisted turns;
these proteins from DNA screams
as methylation flexes melodic muscles
to re-align gene keys
even as midnight fires conspire
to grip throats and lift us a bit higher.

poARt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
September 29, 1998   Salt Lake City



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