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Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings poArt


Engagement Rings       

How does this ring work
when stretched on chicken coop fences
wondering which side brings freedom
roaming through big jungle twigs
amazed at what overflowing green means
barking hysterically at stuffed scarecrows
finding fear after harvesting hidden thoughts
living giving growing crates and gyrates
like fish hooks in an eye
cast from the unwound unknown poles
to foresee a future friend in this seed
even as needs bring poisoned weeds
ivies from adding worry words,
hyperventilation describing emotions
between love and lights that rain doubts,
oh please forgive these reservations
seeking to breed further clarity
in these engagement rings.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Salt Lake City Janurary 17, 1999


Engagement Rings painting with black background


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