poArt Expressionism

Drugged Lucid Dreaming


Drugged Lucid Dreaming     

Softer than reality
then suddenly found inside beggar bowls
as cupped cataclysm emotions strike midnight;
and you slam into a missing door
ants scheming under our skin
screaming no more of more,
as bee stings reach for honey,
beware of the there
cradled in some authentic tear smudged into smog,
who cares about facing parental restrictions
as rebelliousness constantly awakes from hibernation
like an overgrown bean stalk seeking green escapes
to inspire some higher spire
ascending to befriend blossoms of fertility
before getting dropped and lost
arranging scraps,
until sharp scraped grains of drug addiction slime
with sand castles smashed
underneath unforeseen tidal waves of desperation,
so struggle to exercise in this lucid dream,
blink then sink this closed eye liberty.


poArt Expressionism By Scot Aaron
February 5, 1998 Salt Lake City


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