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Door - Plus Heartbeat Sound Effects

Door - Plus Heartbeat Sound Effects poArt Expressionism painting by Scot Aaron

Door + Heartbeat Sound Effects

From sounds of sunken sea  sands
waves scream to see land again.
Bury my heart to restart
time pieces in this brain
for hour hands want to soar
crawl walk or run to sundials
requesting renewed life
after soured apples fall
along rungs of thorns galore

Keep steep steppingstone mountains
to weave mineralized temple clothes
sewn through shot shined eyes -
heartbeat holes from noted claws

Will growth ever stop?
Let me know
for I live in this pore door!

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Munich December 14, 2000


Who of us can appreciate the sound effects of doors slammed in the face? When will heartbeat sounds reverberate and uplift? Can we try and try until life opens up and makes us feel special again.

Door - Plus Heartbeat Sound Effects poArt Expressionism poem with its painting by Scot Aaron


Did you know that Scot Aaron spreads poArt Expressionism with his hands and fingers? Yes, Scot uses his hands in each and every paintings. Notice the fingerprints in the poem painting above. ...

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