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Crystal Stair to Nowhere

Crystal Stair to Nowhere poArt Expressionism painting by Scot Aaron

Crystal Stair to Nowhere

Into web motion commotion
crystalline candlelight shadows
mingling minced memories
to taste hot spring songs from wrong seasons
touched taught tied up dissonance -
shrilled brainwaves in crow echoes
a non friend again and again
orbiting inside bleeding cup shrapnel -
redless sunsets of disappointed tired answers
that stroll a cross graves of ill accomplishment
setting turned tables with broken dish dungeons
sharp spiked hands digging through souls
until go go gone upon a tempest trampoline
trapped with tangled siren shoe strings
traced tugged tongued on the way down
in bought knots of not loving this mystery.  


poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Munich August 8, 1999


It's like a broken hole in the head - or explosions when trying to grasp precious stones in the pocket. Enlightened leaders sparkle - as if lotus sweetness blooms from inspirational minds. Then we get to those who misplace priorities with stress strained stained clocks leading souls astray - adrift towards disoriented graves. Although that soft, comforting voice in the head tries to warn of impending disaster, some abandon morals and sink deeper into the meaning of self deception. The staircase to gemstones crash lands leaving an explosions with scoured heartbeat sound effects.

Who is strung out upon twisted rungs -engrossed in the gross - blinded by former ghosts of heartbreak poems?

Crystal Stair to Nowhere poArt Expressionism poem with its painting


Did you climb the crystal stairs of this Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism? What can you see when polishing mirrors? The email eyes stare up from below- waiting here to hear about your thoughts and feelings!

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