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Crown of Thorns


Crown of Thorns

I beg you
and you and you and you too
to keep me going,
yes, rifles from our rivers
penetrate each heart,
painful scraped refrains of red,
in an un-lasting flash of blues,
as sensitive scintillations of light 
shimmer upon double edged swords
to speak like prophets of yore,
ways to pry open mouths of hope
these windows trapped inside souls,
so hello again my friends of friends
these whispers never never end
from stretched veins
of precious metallic grace
reaching further and further
until iridescence triggers rectified rainbows
able to ship your name game,
yes, after our floods saturate with stains.


poArt Expressionism   by Scot Aaron
November 11, 2000   Munich Germany

poArt-Crown-of-Thorns poem

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