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Corporate Crimes

Corporate Crimes poArt

Corporate Crimes

Motionless like Mercury’s statue
with underneath leaks
piling crevices of thought
bought caught dropped,
turn back corrupted clock chimes,
focus on mechanical finds 
to evoke transformative plans
filled with experiential land
as dilly dally days
pray for authentic emotions
from teardrop distractions
that always seep into a plague haze
seeking neglected vaccine rays,
yes, caved in ground found
for actual information inspiration
cracking codes,
breaking convoluted doldrums
which never pay
when spiraling some bankrupted scum,
maintaining confiscated hope
like dope fiends
with a ‘let it flow’ addiction
growing dead end demons
while upholding some status quo;
come on you chained up ladies,
you wives and concubines,
let silent angles
show strong Chicago wind storms
to lift higher,
strike down the birth of corrupt crimes
with their demise and eternal death
for Earth requires our new breath.

poARt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
October 30, 1997   Chicago



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