poArt Expressionism


Connect-Sharps-and-Flats poArt Expressionism painting and poem


Surpass endless sharp flat marks
beaten rhythm rhymed mind
caught in melted candles of free verse
verifying vibrations with victorious velocity
braking speed of sound barriers
able to shatter our glass cages
somehow releasing sacred sound serums -
potent elixirs evolving momentous lotus lakes
to bathe and refresh scented remedies -   
saved secret solar desires -
our laser beams of love striking opened ears

chimed ceilings can reflect and forever connect!

poArt Expressionism   May 31, 2011
by Scot Aaron


This poArt Expressionism painting relates to a predetermined theme focusing on music and notes ... A-Be-See - let us continue to bind razor sharp links through dots of art. Affix every sliding slope with absolutely expressed curves - the art, the art, the art within jagged intelligence. Dimensionally rise and fall pushing extreme boundaries where Grand Canyons trace ridges within palm prints of destiny. Arrange and choreograph a clear cut life to fill lifelessness. Purge pungent lemon songs left in a horizontal demise. Heal empathic plagues. Yes - connect sharps and flats within intense up and down sounds to notate rotated heartbeats.

Connect-Sharps-and-Flats Scot Aaron poArt poem


Glisten glow sow know the soul to taste bitter and sweet melodies that complete scores of fulfillment and joy.

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