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Bipolar Symptoms

Bi-polar-symptoms poArt Expressionism painting by Scot Aaron

Bipolar symptoms

Left running even crawling upside down
yeah this wheel inside the head needs to go
slanting symptoms that pant without real breaths
as bipolar survival brings up empty wishing wells

a flood looks better than grouchy droughts
as go go round and round eyes look for more
while lost soldiers keep on fighting fallacies
and loved children die by the dozens
asking who is afraid of hyenas and who will cry
when diseased degrees sphere pain inside
like pockmarked pendulums waiting to explode!

For some scanned symptoms can send vaccines -
fragments to peace together Earth's polar puzzles.


poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Munich, January 25, 2001


Weep and keep this moment - each hue of memory true. Too often individuals refuse to cope, readily accepting excuses for legalized dope filling pharmaceutical coffers with profits. ...

We could endlessly write bites and analyze signs of the times - or take artistic poles to balance tightrope flows and watch stream of consciousness grow. Two poles [4 bipolar] exist in souls. Right and left hemispheres for right and wrong trace fabrics through pulsating doors of heartbeat songs to potentially assist decision making skills. Plus and minus connect molecules to dance through more and more designs.

Sometimes life brings us to our knees to qualify individual sufferings. Artists gravitated or plunge into their sacred diving games using forms of art for resurrection. With these energizing dynamics the vibrancies of life leave her kiss. Let me add my choir thankfulness. Let the magnetic blessings of my Muse fulfill with greater attractions expanding space to unwind grace.

Bi-polar-symptoms poetry , the art that speaks with its poArt Expressionism painting


Feel free to spin. Align your centrifuge with North and South bi-polar emotions. Notate the direction of your expressionistic compass? Share your artistic insights. E-mail the eyes looking up at you ...

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