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Before Hells Pizza

A poArt Expressionism painting called Before Hells Pizza


Before Hells Pizza

A blessed broken often plastic elastic world
gives graves of graven image perceptions
covered in a bitter viral mist of murky lifetimes
as I causally call out for fructose happiness
then switch and bitch with gulps of heavy breathe
relentlessly foraging for a real slice of life
in these foggy streams of materialism
strung out between heavenly earth hells.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Munich May 12, 2001


We causally glance at our life as we walk along - whistling through our sun filled days. Then we turn with wide child like eyes and witness privileged peers who appear to own the world - commanding other human beings as paid for puppets. Oh how these twisting turned strings sometimes torture those servants struggling to share their goodness paved with pure intentions.

Open up to reality. Witness those who murder for personal profit as they dish out slices of their pizza. Wipe away stained surface sheens and witness so many frolic in self deceptive material distractions - slipping and sliding back and forth before the gates of hell. Once uplifted with golden wings and precious marriage rings, the witches brew of siren shoes cause so many to slip until bliss becomes spit stains on screwed sidewalks.

The raping of land and people may embellish the coffers of a few club members, yet the root causes of so much misery can and will have its karmic effect. Let each ask if hell has his bells. When and who of us will hear the toll of our clock?

A poArt Expressionism poem with its painting called Before Hells Pizza


Did you reflect on each sentence? Or did you refract responsibility with surface distractions skipping stones on the pool of Narcissus? What does this slice of Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism taste like?

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