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Artist Statement
"Towards an Aesthetics"




Consider all existence as ART. Now, the question surrounds how consciously deep and intuitively expansive is YOUR breadth of life? Living points towards an aesthetics. How beautiful and extraordinary is life? Art condenses reality, answering with colors, shapes, movements, words, stories, et cetera. My poArt Expressionism [a painting + poem] and Photo Art serve as my primary forms of artistic expression.

My artistic training and expression represent personal modalities of living. Rather than conform to views of an art school [beyond art classes up through high school where I could draw any image or scene with near perfection], I attempt to learn from the Masters. For this I frequent all great museums in the U.S. and Europe. Earlier experimentations with numerous styles finally led to the development of poArt Expressionism. Here I sculpt color with my hands, express a poem, and detail with watercolor pencils [often adding abstractions with lines from color pens].

If asked why I do poArt [for 13 years I did poArts paintings full time], I answer that this is how I survive painful exasperations strewn throughout our modern realities. Who are the great artists able to transform stirring cauldrons of pain? My poArt Expressionism allows me to personally survive the pain. Often, raw shards collect so strongly that I metaphorically feel choked, yet survive by exploding into expanded colors while words explore emotions in the poArt painting. Themes often relate to existential struggles, personal tradegies, and current events -- whether being intimately mine or those felt within society at large.

The Photo Art seeks to open portals of imagination and fill souls with revelatory light. How can a moment from the click of a camera's shutter encompass a world of depth and breadth, as if the globe in ‘a grain of sand?' Let my Photo Art share how extraordinary life is. Unique perspectives can present a quality that refines quantities of surrounding experiences. Enjoy photographs of a sunset, a Grand Canyon landscape, or sacred imagery from Europe and Asia. Infrared or ultraviolet digital adaptations, along with the “Light Painting” creatively accentuate facets of reality for viewers.

Real artists fulfill necessary responsibilities for society, feeling and transforming the collected, condensed depths of pain, and/or profound angles of existence, hitherto neglected or left desperately unresolved. Intense energies can motivate and inspire. What aesthetics survive? Provide significance! Struggle through saturated doldrums, curve beyond distractions, spread synergistic wings, breathe and demonstrate how to breathe again. Let us plug in, access a source, and perceive potentially endless horizons. Enhance learning and ultimately forge personal growth, both subconsciously and consciously realized. Open the mind and realize the aesthetics of a moment, a lifetime, a globe … a universe.                                                                                                        

Scot Aaron -- August 2005