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Age-of-Siren-Shoes poArt Expression by Scot Aaron

An Age of Siren Shoes

I watch our cave age
shadows dance in minds
wonderment like excited children
racing to discover disappointment
shuffling through flickering priorities
asking if all of this is worth it
as we pound forgetfulness in arteries
playing the same old songs
never getting anywhere -
critiqued into frozen opponents

until I laugh with forgotten soldiers
who get shot in the back
in this age of siren shoes  
filled with hospitals and pills
to seal sole souls in shoes
with illusions that artificially heal.

poArt Expressionism by Scot Aaron
Munich October 28, 2000


Bells warn us of inner distress - one two three - on knees asking what we can see of the future and how much we will bleed. Does hope signal prosperity by handing over frayed ropes to tie up time or fill gaps with bad hair days? Do aching shoe soles signify danger ahead - pushing bodies through sharp curves of stress, hung in starved traffic sharing similar depleted thoughts of getting nowhere.

They say siren shoes portend game theories- pushing and shoving to acquire bread crumbs upon polished plates of personality traits. Is this interactive decision making just strategically treading water - each of us afraid of Sacred Diving Games, taking a calculated chance to access authenticity? What is written upon tombstones of memory? Will individualized earthquake sirens effectively transport us to spectral hospitals - able to heal life for potential afterlife's? Let these words reverberate. Think. Access depths of intelligence for meaningful sirens.

They say graveyard shoes last the longest!

poArt expressionism poem an age of siren shoes by scot aaron


Scot Aaron hopes to touch emotional verities by adding in Heartbeat Sound Effects. Rise and heal like Mercury with his wings on the souls of each shoe. One-two-three let the our most intimate sirens transform personal and global realities.

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