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3/5 Compromise Meaning

3/5 compromise meaning

Scot Aaron titles this image 3/5 compromise meaning. Here he tries to show attitudes surrounding the treatment of humans. Historically, the Three Fifths Compromise is written in the original United States Constitution separating a Free Person [included contracted indentured servants] from the three fifths of all other persons which referred to slaves. This 3-5 clause is added to the Constitution for the collection of federal taxes.

Beyond the complete injustice of slavery represented in early history of the United States, additional problems surrounded the giving of additional political power to the owners of large plantations that controlled their many slaves. In reality, the slave masters could do whatever they wanted to their slaves - often working them with rigorous labor throughout long days and into the night. One should remember that these enslaved Men and Woman were once free on their lands in Africa. Also, slave owners would also own all the children and offspring from their slaves.

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