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poArt Expressionism - Painting & its Poetry

Stimulate your visual cortex and temporal lobe.
Connect to the power of art & poetry!

New - Images from Salt Lake City poArt Expressionism


Self Portrait from 2001

Self Portrait - 2001 when Scot lived in Munich


The initial Scot Aaron poArt paintings and poems accumulated when living 2.5 years in West Los Angeles [1994-1996] - blossoming into variations of his primary poArt Expressionistic style. In poArt each painting comes with its poetry. [Note - the original handwritten poem is created after initially spreading watercolor on the paper with his hands.]

Read a Scot Aaron 2005 Artist Statement Towards an Aesthetics or an updated 1997 Artist Statement with Jumping Gene Transposons


Let's continue with some words from Scot Aaron as he connects together some of his recent 2011 poArt Expressionism paintings and poems. [Note - these 2011 poArt paintings are 70 x 100 cm. Link to read the poetry and view larger images.]

Old Soul Connections Old-Soul-Connections poArt Expressionism bridge core friends, complete with ancient themes, psyche pendulums, grandma titillations and poetic emotions that motivate perceptive sensitivities with visual imagery and poetic words.
Connect Sharps and Flats poArt Expressionism poem and painting Connect Sharps and Flats to embody powerful sound healing within spectrums of sharps and flats spanning daily life. Experience golden high pitched shivers. Slide along categorical monotony - chords of cords where so many strive for vibrations of peace and relaxation - then turn life around when found in new uplifting songs.

Then it happens again and again - holding hands - grasping love - and listening to Quotes from Broken HeartsQuotes from Broken Hearts the poArt Expressionism poem and painting screaming of destruction and defeat - complete with sensitivities from compassionate symphonies. A nucleus of human "being" appears intimately tied to tenderness, affection and concern that extends from loved individuals to the core of humanity.
Accumulated reflections of internal negativity face Spewed-Repression-Definition poArt Expressionism painting and its poem Spewed Repression Definitions where some seek pews to vent anger and frustration. See the woman above thoughts in the head holding an eyelash as she wields her sword sewn pen of expression. May we break through cultural - social - generational bars of repression!

Yes, how we seem to continually go back and forth, round and round, seemingly in repetitious orbits for our Memory Quotes in Moon Craters. Memory-Quotes-for-Moon-Craters by Scot-Aaron-Poem and its painting poArt Expressionism Recollections repeat beats, sometimes collecting as sand drops upon "deformed drunken dunes." Or, when abuse hides deeper inside we often force our innocent abyss into personal relationships - hoping "blocked ancient rocket rocks" break down into a workable "honey comb." Let us arrange bad hair days and start to shine in our sulfured amino acids - even as we chew on fingernails and seek a way out or in.

Yeast Fermentation Education Creations - Scot Aaron poArt Expressionism Yes Yeast Fermentation Education Creations can open doors. A glass of fine wine or ice cold beer during a heat wave can transform unwanted agitation or turmoil. Learn to edify consciousness within this great plan of the creation where a Grandmother hangs on to her daughter - giving her gift of life to a Grand Child. Is this all just a door knob to the other side? Can "blazing butterfly arms" provide "fingertip ladders ... to God-like sensations?"
Here we can back up, rise above given situations and taste Mystical Unity Mystical-Unity-Scot-Aaron-Poem and its painting for poArt Expressionism. Oh this can be so very precious, even when "shaking as snakes" - until spiraling around a healing staff to call upon our quicksilver calculated circulations of Mercury. Now get closer to a sun until internal energies seed our sea of stars.

Scot Aaron July 2011



Link to some poArt poems and paintings from Scot Aaron Munich-poArt-Expressionism
Sample poArt Expressionism paintings when Scot Aaron lived in Munich. Notice the first image, the "t" of Scot always ends in a mouth. PoArt represents "the art that speaks."



Link to Prior Art Styles - showing artistic styles and creative abstract expression from 1986 - 1993.

Connect with prior art from Scot Aaron showing samples of earlier art styles

Hubble Deep Field Lines , the space-like center images marks the onset of Scot developing his expressionistic style of Oil painting. He often focuses of on abstract expressive bodies and facial expressions. See the dark, piercing sometimes expressionless anger from Sword Games of Love. In this second image above, a faceless knight punctures the heart of tears. The last image shows a face surrounded by dance themes, encapsulated with mountain spheres and diamond facets - linked in Platonic Solids liquids and gases. Crystallize Platonic Ideas within dimensions of dream ream introspection and self reflection. ... The more abstract images represent an art style Scot called "Left Hand Rites." He would often use both hands for this intense form of expression. Emotional Family Show sketches parents with their child. Analyze intimate connects that exhibit with distinct body languages. The abstract man in Off Road Wheelchair Art is inspired when Scot waits in a hospital wheelchair. He is having the aluminum pin removed from his leg. [Note, the year before Scot nearly died and experienced a 13 day coma from an accidental along the Red Sea in Egypt.]



Connect with the spectrum of light from colors of poArt Expressionism paintings and poems. Feel free to email and share your thoughts on individual paintings, their poems, or combinations of inspired thought.

Painted with fingers and hands [art contains fingerprints]
Each poArt painting with DNA- saliva used for watercolors.
Each “Scot” signature is unique – the “t” ends in a mouth.
An individualized sketch is on the back of every painting.

Read a 1997 Artist Statement with Jumping Gene Transposons.